Nestled in grazing country, Dingo is named after the wild Australian dog that roamed the area. This busy small town sits on two major highways that service the beef, timber and coal industries. Up to a thousand vehicles can pass through Dingo in one day and it is not unusual to see ten triple road trains outside the roadhouse!

The roadhouse is a hive of activity 24 hours a day, and up to 1700 people a day call in for a cuppa, snack, meal or fuel. The meals have a reputation across Queensland, why not try one of the signature burgers made fresh from organically grown Queensland produce.

The origin of the town’s name is shrouded in mystery – some say a railway surveyor saw a dingo on the creek bank and gave the town its name. Others say that Moses Wafer, the early pioneer, heard dingoes howling at night and named the town around his camping site.

Make time to visit a local sawmill to see the raw timber being processed ready for the market.

Dingo is home to the annual World Dingo Trap Throwing Competition, held in conjunction with a country race day in August. The traps are tossed like a hammer throw, with the record currently standing at 48 metres.

The township of Dingo is a convenient access point for exploring the Blackdown Tablelands, a sandstone plateau rising abruptly from the surrounding plains. Blackdown Tableland National Park is home to rare fauna, diverse vegetation, Aboriginal culture and spectacular scenery. Take one of the many walks to view caves, cliffs, cascading waterfalls and some of the many species of birds and animals abundant in the park. Except for a section of the Loop Road, most roads are suitable for careful driving in conventional vehicles but not suitable for caravans.




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