7 Central Queensland Experiences that rival the world’s most popular tourist destinations

Graced with numerous homegrown alternatives to some of the most famous attractions across the globe, the Central Highlands, Keppel Islands and everything in between is waiting for domestic travellers to discover. And there has never been a better time to explore your own backyard.

Our awe-inspiring cave systems, pristine and untouched coral reefs, and up close and personal wildlife interactions make our destination one of the greatest tourist spots on earth.

Sharing our latitude with Rio de Janeiro to the East and Mauritius to the West, we celebrate sub-tropical days all year round, making Central Queensland and the Southern Great Barrier Reef a place where foreign tourists swarm to, travelling thousands of kilometres and paying thousands for the privilege of experiencing our backyard. Yet, we are fortunate to have the ability to do it at our own leisure. So why not start today!

Whether you are looking for cultural tourism or adventure, travelling for food or relaxation, we invite you to come and experience our local offerings and discover the jewels of our region.