6 amazing walking tracks on Great Keppel Island

We all know that Great Keppel Island located on the Southern Great Barrier Reef is without a doubt one very special place to be…

Simply set one foot on this spectacular island paradise where the squeaky-clean sand slides between your toes and the clear ocean glistens before your eyes, and your worries and stresses will soon fade into the distance.

Important note: Turtles nest in dunes above the high tide mark, so please be aware and observant when walking around Great Keppel Island so that we can protect our nests and increase the chance of survival.

If you come across sick, injured or deceased marine animals, please report to the Marine Stranding Hotline – 1300 130 372.

Most days, it will be difficult to muster up too much energy which is primarily what this ‘resting place’ is for, but we encourage you to spark your day with adventure by strapping on a pair of comfortable walking shoes, and discovering some of the hidden beauties on offer…which are only accessible by foot.

The 1454ha landscape of Great Keppel Island has 17 stunning beaches to explore and is laced with a web of picturesque walking trails ranging from a 15minute beach stroll to a 15kilometre hike to the lighthouse at the Island’s tip.

The network of walking tracks disperses trekkers around the island to secluded beaches or spectacular lookouts featuring the 17 other Islands of Keppel Bay along with the star of the show – the brilliant Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Depending on your level of interest or ability, there is certainly something for everyone.

As with many of our Capricorn Coast adventures, the experience is in the journey – not just when you reach the destination. Along each track you will be sure to come face to face with friendly local fauna and flora, making every step exciting and unpredictable. Enjoy the breathtaking vistas and historic sites that this exquisite exploit has to offer.


1. The Lookout Trail

For those eager to kick start the morning with a moderate walk, The Lookout Trail is 2.6 kilometres and will take approximately one hour. The walk commences at the water sports hut on Fisherman’s Beach and takes you to the ridge top shelter where you will experience excellent views to the West.

2. Monkey Point (including Long Beach)

This two-hour hike will pass you through a historic shell midden left by our Aboriginal ancestors. Admire the lush sub-tropical vegetation of the beach and keep a lookout for parrots and seabirds.

Take your snorkel gear and allow time for a plunge – Monkey Beach is well protected from the south easterly winds and is one of the islands best snorkelling spots. Admire the new boardwalk at Monkey Beach which was recently upgraded to protect many hundreds of years of memories for the Woppaburra people. The project was a collaboration between Bunnings, Landcare Australia, Woppaburra Elders, Capricornia Catchments, Gen Yadaba and Livingstone Shire Council.

Please be sure to stick to the board walk on this hike in order to protect our cultural and sensitive sites.

Note: This is a moderate track which can be quite difficult in places

3. Leeke’s Beach Circuit

Follow the trail from Fisherman’s Beach through beautiful bushland and out to the beach on this moderate 3.8kilomentre return journey. You will feel like you have arrived on your own deserted island so take a deep breath and take it all in. Leeke’s Beach is one of the more spectacular and larger beaches on the island.

4. Mount Wyndham Circuit

Discover amazing 360 degree views of the island and Wyndham Cover on this 3.5 hour trek. Mount Wyndham is the island’s highest point and the trail can be steep in places.

5. Clam Bay Trail

Finishing on a hill overlooking the beach, the Clam Bay Trail is a moderate track which will take approximately 4 hours to complete. The 10.6 kilometre return trail incorporates flat and easy walking, along with some steep inclines and descents to and from your lookout.

6. The Lighthouse

Put aside the whole day for this mighty island adventure! Not for the faint hearted, this trail will enable you to explore Great Keppel Island’s outstanding natural beauty with an abundance of discoveries to see along the way. The 15.4kilometre return trip features steep elevations with spectacular lookouts – but you will be too busy being immersed in nature to realise you’ve trekked all that way!

Winter on the Tropic of Capricorn is the perfect time to don your hiking boots and start your walking adventure at Great Keppel Island. Wherever your journey leads, exploring the stunning landscape via foot is an ideal way to enjoy the views, nature and local attractions. Download our map of Great Keppel Island here.

Sleep, Eat and Play… Once you’ve lifted the heart rate and completed the exercise hard yards, Great Keppel Island’s Accommodation, Restaurants, Bars and Bistros, water sports and tours await you. Find out more via the links below…

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Before you lace up your shoes

Check with island staff (Great Keppel Island Hideaway, Keppel Dive, or Cruise boat staff for up to date information about track conditions before setting out on the walks
Wear enclosed footwear
Allow plenty of time to explore
All boat transfers run on schedule, so don’t be late
Remember to take hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, water & snacks
The island is very big and it’s easy to get off the beaten track, we suggest you share your walking directions and plan with someone before you head off.
Great Keppel Island is not part of the Queensland National Parks system and walking tracks are not maintained to QPWS standards

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