8 Things to do at Great Keppel Island

Thinking of booking your next holiday or day trip to Great Keppel Island off Yeppoon on the Capricorn Coast?

Here is just a handful of things you will discover when you visit our island paradise on the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

things to do on great keppel island

1. Explore some of Australia’s best beaches

Fringed with 17 beautiful beaches to explore, you will need more than a day trip to see them all. Our white sandy beaches including the popular Fisherman’s and Putney are safe for swimming all year round. Find your own space on Long Beach and rejoice in the remoteness – even though you are only a short 30-minute ferry ride from the mainland at Keppel Bay Marina.

snorkelling in keppel bay and yeppoon

2. Book a tour to snorkel or scuba dive

Whether you are visiting Keppel Bay for a day trip, or staying a little longer, booking a tour with our snorkelling and dive operators – Keppel Dive and Snorkel, Keppel Explorer, Funtastic Cruises or Freedom Fast Cats) is a must. Seeing spectacular coral formations while dodging inquisitive sea turtles, reef sharks, and a wide variety of colourful fish is something that everyone needs to experience. The Southern Great Barrier Reef, including Keppel Bay is one of the most pristine, healthy and underrated areas, featuring some of the healthiest coral on the Great Barrier Reef. Challenge yourself to spot our ‘Great Eight’ including the Keppel Dugong. Check out our

bushwalking on great keppel island

3. Take a hike on Great Keppel Island

Most days, it will be difficult to muster up too much energy which is primarily what this ‘resting place’ is for, but spark your day with adventure by strapping on a pair of comfortable walking shoes, and discovering some of the hidden beauties on offer…which are only accessible by foot. The 1454ha landscape of Great Keppel Island is laced with a web of picturesque walking trails ranging from a 15-minute beach stroll to a 15-kilometre hike to the lighthouse at the Island’s tip.

Glass Bottom Boat, tour, day trip, holiday in Keppel Bay

4. Enjoy Keppel Island by boat

Keen to check out what’s under the water, but want to keep your feet dry? Freedom Fast Cat’s Glass Bottom Boat is a quiet, relaxing alternative for those wishing to view the wonders of the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Ask the experts and locals any questions that you have wanted to know about the Reef and its marine life – they love nothing more than sharing this incredible part of the world with visitors.

Contact a local at the Capricorn Coast Visitor Information Centre – 1800 675 785

things to do on great keppel island

5. Witness amazing island sunsets every day

With amazing viewing points along Putney beach on Great Keppel Island, come and witness the magic of a Keppel Bay sunset. Watch the sun head to bed but leave behind an array of stunning colours. Grab yourself a drink from Great Keppel Island Hideaway Bar and Bistro and leave all of your worries behind. The perfect way to wind down after a busy day of snorkelling and watersports. Find a little piece of magic as you indulge in drinks and canapes and watch the magnificent sunset on board.

things to do on great keppel island

6. Stay for the day, or for the night

We are certain you won’t want to go back to the mainland after a day of memories on our barefoot paradise. From bunk houses to glamping, Great Keppel Island Hideaway and Great Keppel Island Holiday Village in Keppel Bay will ensure you have a serene and relaxing holiday. Rest, swim, snorkel and enjoy the peacefulness of our remote, natural island.

things to do on great keppel island

7. Recharge with some Vitamin Sea

There are proven scientific health benefits to be gained from spending time on the ocean, especially when you add in a connection with wildlife to the mix. For a relaxing and joy-filled day, book a holiday in Keppel Bay and feel your Vitamin Sea levels soar!

things to do on great keppel island

8. Discover native flora and fauna

Great Keppel Island is largely known for the pristine Southern Great Barrier Reef which boasts exceptional beauty and biological diversity under the mirrored surface that is Keppel Bay. But with ninety percent of this magnificent island rugged up in thick bushland, it is also a flora and fauna paradise. Including more than 100 species of bird life such as kookaburras, rainbow lorikeets, curlews, honeyeaters and a diverse range of seabirds, get out your binoculars and discover some of our local beauties.

There are loads of things to do on Great Keppel Island – plan your trip today.