Rubyvale Gem Gallery

Australian Tourism Award-winning Rubyvale Gem Gallery is a small family business established in 1988 and is now situated in its new shop on Main Street in Rubyvale. For over 40 years Peter Brown was mining and cutting the local sapphires and setting them in uniquely designed jewellery. He was recognised as a sapphire specialist and one of the best gem cutters in the Gemfields. Sadly, Peter passed away in 2021, but he was able to pass on his skills to two of his sons who have joined the business to ensure Peter’s legacy continues.

Visitors to the Rubyvale Gem Gallery see one of the most spectacular collections of rare and valuable precious Australian sapphires in Australia, as well as the gem cutting and jewellery-making processes. The friendly staff can help with all Sapphire Gemfields information.

Included in the value of each of their unique Australian sapphire pieces is the story. The story of its volcanic origin over 50 million years ago, of the mining methods used to retrieve it from the earth, and the talent involved to create this sparkling treasure that will be yours to cherish forever. Make an Australian sapphire from Rubyvale Gem Gallery part of your story, your family heirloom.


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