Wipeout the myth – Surf Lakes is barrelling ahead

Standing on a grassy bank observing an oversized and peculiar looking coffee plunger soaking in a catchment of glassy stillness, excitement and enthusiasm is beginning to build.

The sun begins bidding farewell, radiating spectacular hues, and providing a tranquil ambience, despite the mysterious robot continuing to cast its shadows towards a growing crowd.

With the sounds of a didgeridoo dancing through the air, and a swarm of surfboards making a beeline for the central machine, anticipation heightens, and guests rise to their feet, heading towards the water’s shallows – cameras, phones, and wide eyes ready for what is to come…

On the sound of an alarm, signaling ‘all system’s go’, a ‘goosepimply’ loud growl and burst of steam from the plunger ripples across the sky, as the water beneath creates its first swells.

Welcome to the biggest break in surf park innovation – Surf Lakes Yeppoon.

Get a glimpse here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bkd30SXyIU