48 hours in Emerald and the Sapphire Gemfields for treasure seekers

The pioneering spirit is alive and well in the Sapphire Gemfields around Emerald. Treasure seekers have been coming here since the seventies, searching for precious stones. It’s a magnet for free spirits and adventure seekers who want to experience the real Australian outback and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

It’s hot, dusty work fossicking for sapphires, you have been warned! But it could be worth it. After all, you’ll hit pay dirt if you find a big old sapphire in your sieve. Stranger things have happened in the Gemfields around Emerald and all the locals have a story or two to tell about sapphires they’ve unearthed.

This two-day itinerary is for those who like to get off the beaten track. It’s for people who believe that if they scratch the earth’s surface a 25-carat sapphire could be lying there, waiting just for them.