Embrace your own space in the Capricorn region

While COVID-19 has cancelled many of our leisure plans, there are still plenty of open-air activities in our local backyard for families to discover over the coming months.

Our sub-tropical temperatures continue to hover in the mid to high-twenties and we are blessed with clear blue skies day after day.

Although our activities are limited, this weekend is the perfect time to; enjoy a picnic, visit a National Park, grab a yummy treat from your local takeaway restaurant, enjoy a scenic drive, or head out on the water. Just remember to embrace your own space and remain within 50km of your home.

Now really is the time to not only be with family but to also reconnect with some of our region’s most inspiring landscapes.

IMPORTANT: Before setting off on your adventure, be sure to stay alert to Queensland Government’s latest information and updates – https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/park-alerts/